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Make Your Event Spectacular! (2)

Make Your Event Spectacular!

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Master of Ceremonies

Very few people have the comfort and skill to be a great M.C. for an event. An emcee must be able to keep the pacing of the show, keep the audience engaged, entertained and most importantly, an emcee must be able to seamlessly fill time to fix any problem that may arise. 

With Paul Draper at the microphone, you are in good hands. He will create a dynamic, interactive and fun atmosphere that keeps everyone laughing, amazed and on schedule.

From a corporate award show of 50 employees to a convention with 5,000+ attendees, Paul Draper is your perfect choice.


-Also ask about your needs for an Auctioneer if you would like to hear some fun and fast bid calling to excite your audience and raise money for your favorite charity.

Master of Ceremonies Sample

Master of Ceremonies Samples:



Need an Auctioneer? One of Paul's many talents includes auctioneering for special events!

Auctioneer from PaulDraper on Vimeo.

Master of Ceremonies 2