TV Shows

ABC, WB, History Chanel, A&E, HGTV... These are just a few of the stations that have selected Paul for their programs. If you, like House Hunters , are looking for a Host who can add a little magic to every presentation, let Paul Draper bring excitement and add academic expertise to your program.

Paul Draper is ready to speak on subjects ranging from human history to popular culture and from the supernatural to the sublime. Host, Anthropologist, Narrator and Magician. But most importantly: Paul is easy to work with, reliable, adaptable and professional.

Trade Shows

Benefits of a Trade Show Magician:

Gather large crowds to your booth every 20 minutes
Qualify leads in the audience

Gather information from leads for your sales staff

Connect potential buyers with the correct sales teams

All while presenting a high energy, fun, and engaging show focused on your products and services.

Don’t just plant a bowl of candy and hope that it will stop the crowds. Hire an expert who knows how to gather an audience and collect the leads you are looking for. Paul Draper will ensure your success.


Magic Show

Stand up shows are an ideal ending to gala banquets, fantastic as an opening night energizer that brings teams together, and a perfect highpoint for your audience and event.

Paul Draper has a long track record of being focused on your goals, easy to work with, inspirational and is known to always deliver successful events that are unique, entertaining, and fun.

"Paul Draper wowed the crowd ... The crowd often responded to Draper's tricks with gasps of disbelief and claps of approval."

- Yale Daily News

Mentalism Flyer

Strolling & Up Close

Paul Draper’s Strolling Magic and Formal Close-Up Magic have been featured at the Venetian Hotel and Casino for their private High Rollers, as well as at major corporate events for Kodak, JVC, Apple Inc., Smith & Wesson, Northrop Grumman and seen internationally on the Oxygen network, HGTV's House Hunters program, Comcast and the WB.

Paul Draper mingles with your guests or is stationed at an elegant table, performing close-up magic for two to twenty guests at a time as they are gathered in groups or seated at their table. This entertainment brings people together and creates bursts of laughter and applause. Magic is presented within inches of the spectator and often in his or her own hands. Being close to the action makes the experience personal, memorable, and a great icebreaker that leaves audiences talking all night long.

Bring this world-class experience to your event. Magic with cards, coins, rope, and mindreading comes directly to your guests’ hands and right before their eyes.

Perfect for: Cocktail parties, hospitality suites, company parties, and holiday parties.

Master of Ceremonies

Very few people have the comfort and skill to be a great M.C. for an event. An emcee must be able to keep the pacing of the show, keep the audience engaged, entertained and most importantly, an emcee must be able to seamlessly fill time to fix any problem that may arise. 

With Paul Draper at the microphone, you are in good hands. He will create a dynamic, interactive and fun atmosphere that keeps everyone laughing, amazed and on schedule.

From a corporate award show of 50 employees to a convention with 5,000+ attendees, Paul Draper is your perfect choice.


-Also ask about your needs for an Auctioneer if you would like to hear some fun and fast bid calling to excite your audience and raise money for your favorite charity.