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Make Your Event Spectacular! (2)

Make Your Event Spectacular!

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The Chair of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Clark Nguyen, Ph.D from Berkeley, sent this testimonial after Paul Draper performed at the IEEE MEMS convention in Las Vegas. The audience consisted of 700 IEEE members hailing from Europe, Asia, and North America.

Testimonials 2


 Testimonial by the day chair of the West Palm Beach Young Presidents’ Organization, a member of the Beverly Hills Young Presidents’ Organization, and a partner of a major Hollywood law firm.

Celebrity Quotes


JJ Abrams"Paul Draper was great at our party, seriously really wonderful. I want to dig through the magical literature to find out how he accomplishes the things he does. I look forward to seeing another one of his shows soon."
- J.J. Abrams 

Steins"Paul Draper is my favorite guest on our program. I love what he does!"
- Mark Steines: Home & Family, Entertainment Tonight 

Kang"My art imitates Paul Drapers life" 
- Tim Kang actor, The Mentalist CBS

Arjay-smith1"Perception is all about the things you do."
- Arjay Smith actor, Perception TNT


"We could take a show on the road!"

- Jason Alexander Actor: "Seinfeld, Broadway"



Snyder"I have seen magic many times, but I have never had my mind blown, until I met Paul Draper!"

- Dana Snyder the voice of Master Shake on Adult Swim's "Aqua Teen Hunger Force"


Mcbride“Awesome makes my head spin how well you deliver a lecture!”

- Jeff McBride


Puck"Do you have any magic recipes in your bag for me?"

- Wolfgang Puck



Media Quotes


Yale"Paul Draper wowed the crowd ... The crowd often responded to Draper's tricks with gasps of disbelief and claps of approval."

- Yale Daily News


LA Times"Nightlife with a twist"

- L.A. Times, with photo


photo"If you’ve got an embarrassing secret, you might want to bring a tin-foil hat."

- Rick Lax, Las Vegas Weekly

Linking ring"Paul Draper is funny, smart, clever, unique, can sing opera and makes mentalism fast, funny, and highly effective. Talent bookers -- don't overlook Paul Draper!"

-David Goodsell, National President of the Society of American Magicians, Linking Ring Magazine December

Hallmark-logo"Mentalist Paul Draper studies cultural anthropology by reading our thoughts. His mind games have got to be seen to be believed. Paul will leave you boggled!"

- Hallmark Channel

Corporate Quotes


Amy-Barry“I have spent over 20 years in healthcare management and have never seen the level of excitement and engagement peak in just one session until Paul Draper arrived on our doorstep. “

-Amy C. Barry VP/ Chief HR Officer


Dave-Walton"When we envisioned the performer we wanted to represent our booth (JVC), let's just say, you far exceeded our expectations!"

- Dave Walton Vice President of Marketing, JVC



Devinder-Kishore-Nokia-"In my country you could start a religion with what you do."

- Devinder Kishore, Nokia VP of Marketing in India



Amber-Hansen“Paul Draper is a pure entertainer. He will have you laughing out loud and leaving the theatre scratching your head in amazement!”

-Amber Hansen, Director of Operations, The Egyptian Theatre


Joan-Smith"We have had so many comments on our program; ‘It was like a spiritual experience,’ ‘you should do this every year,’ Mostly due to the momentum that you set for the whole piece. You were/ are just terrific. Thank you, thank you. We love you and are so glad you are a part of our team. Please save room on your plate for us; the entertainment world needs you, but so do our children.

- Joan W. Smith, DSW Executive Director National Conference of Community and Justice (Utah)

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for sharing your time and talents with the participants of the recent Utah Youth Summit. The presentations were one of the highlights of the summit and the feedback from your presentation was VERY positive. AMAZING! Extraordinary! Awesome experience! Totally in Awe! A huge success! Wonderful! Incredible!

- Becky Mitchell 4-H Development Specialist

Roger-Chen"Paul has been a wonderful, positive impact for our organization, and his training sessions have received the highest ratings ever by our managers."

- Roger Chen, MBA Corporate Director of Performance Excellence

Mike-Rice"My department regularly works with the entire gamut of talented performers. What sets Paul apart is his giftedness and craftsmanship in multiple areas of art, from singing, to educating, to performing magic… We were incredibly fortunate to find such an accomplished person who can educate, entertain, and mesmerize an audience and help us put on a show that our fans will remember for the rest of their lives."

- Mike Rice, Vice President at NBC Universal & President of the ESCB

kim-silverman"When Paul performed at Apple in front of several hundred of the world's smartest and sharpest software engineers and technologists, he kept them all enthralled and intrigued. His focus was on challenging minds and hearts, and this he succeeded in doing before a tough professional audience.

- Kim Silverman, Ph.D, Principal Research Scientist, Spoken Language Technologies at Apple

Kenneth-Z"Paul Draper's presentation was one of the highlights of the year for our students. He is a consummate showman, and was extremely successful in entertaining our toughest audience members!

- Kenneth Z. Kendall, Division Chair for Fine Arts and Humanities/ Director of Theatre - Lincoln College

Harvey-Goldblatt"I have only rarely seen an audience of young people as engaged, educated, and enthralled by a guest speaker as by Paul Draper. He most certainly is not somebody who will easily — if ever — be forgotten. I personally was held spellbound by Paul; and I can’t wait to invite him back at his earliest convenience."

- Harvey Goldblatt, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, Master, Pierson College, Yale University

 David-Litvack"Paul is a very magical person and I highly recommend him.

- David Litvack Utah House of Representatives



David-Moore"I found the communication and creativity workshop with Paul Draper beneficial to me in my role as Performance Excellence Facilitator as I learned different techniques on how to read my audience."

- David Moore, MSM, Performance Excellence Facilitator

"Paul's use of music, stories, and Native American anecdotes captures and keeps audience attention, increasing the chance of successfully getting the intended message across. As a result of attending Paul's session, I understand the need, and duty, of a leader to pick up loose ends and/or tackle problems that seem to be assigned to no one.  If there's no Chief, promote yourself to the job! Paul has the charisma and talent to get a message across to an audience.  His delivery, story telling and the use of magic could be used to help sway the naysayers in our organization."

- Debra A. Narayan, MBA, MT(ASCP) DLM, Laboratory Manager

Kathy-Skrzypczak"Paul provided an opportunity to learn more about the staff and what makes them tick. He also, created a coin phrase that staff relate to now, Be a chief of XXXX and see if you can solve that issue (i.e.step in, be engaged, own fixing an issue.), which allowed the staff to recognize that solving issues are not just a manager’s responsibility. It was valuable, and staff was appreciative of being given the opportunity!"

- Kathy Skrzypczak, Asst. VP Corporate Services

"The presentation of my own magic trick at the end was a very positive experience. I found the more I practiced, the easier it was. I have confidence that will also be the case regarding our development into great transformational leaders. We need to effectively deliver the right messages at the right time. Thanks for taking the time to invest in me."

- Anne Walls, RN, BSN, Director Emergency Services

"I found the anthropology stories, magic, and body language reading very engaging. Paul is a captivating speaker. I could listen to him all day. I have already been able to use the lessons Paul demonstrated in reading body language to help solve a problem."

- Rachel Raos, Audio/Visual Volunteer Services Coordinator

"Paul helped me to realize that drawing on the things I am passionate about outside of work can be tapped into to energize the way I present to and facilitate large groups. Paul has the ability to train on many different topics: communication, team building, and diversity awareness!"

- Gabriel Brooks, Performance Excellence Facilitator & Trainer

Make Your Event Spectacular!

Make Your Event Spectacular!

Book Paul Draper Today