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Make Your Event Spectacular!

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“We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”
- George Bernard Shaw. ( 1925 Nobel Prize winner for Literature)

Welcome to September's "Mysteries of the Mind" monthly newsletter!

Want to know how to motivate a slacker to become an overachiever?

A new study from The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology may point to a wonderful way to motivate the slackers in our life to succeed.

William Hart of the University of Florida and Dolores Albarracin from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have struck upon some potential educational and management motivational gold.

Their studies show that some slackers can far outperform their driven and success-oriented counterparts when they are first presented with the idea that the task at hand is fun.

We all know that those, who are compelled to “do” for the benefit of attaining success, achieve more when they are reminded of the rewards of their hard work.

However, most fascinating to me is that the reverse is also true for these achievers. According to this study, high achievers may perform at a lower level if they are told that a task is fun Yet, those often demonized as lazy and slackers in our goal and success driven world may suddenly sail to new heights when the test, task or opportunity is primed as being fun and enjoyable.

Let’s help our high achieving students and coworkers by continuing to remind them of the benefits of their hard work and showing them photos of people winning, striving, succeeding and achieving. Then perhaps we can all learn something from this study and help motivate slackers by turning work and school into a series of activities that are enjoyable and fun.

Read the full story here

I read this story and instantly recognized that I am a fun seeker. This study has already helped me to trick my brain into success. Sounds like fun!

“It is my belief, you cannot deal with the most serious things in the world unless you understand the most amusing.”
- Winston Churchill (British prime minister during WWII)

Your friend,
-Paul Draper
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"If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun."
- Katharine Hepburn (Winner of more Best Actress Academy Awards then any other actress in history)

Imperial History of the geographic and military region we refer to as the Middle East

Who has controlled the Middle East over the course of history? Pretty much everyone! Egyptians, Turks, Israelites, Romans, Arabs, Greeks, Persians, Europeans, and the list goes on.

Who will control the Middle East in the future? That is a much bigger question.

This is a fun and entertaining map that shows 5,000 years of history in just 90 seconds!

Imperial History of the Middle East

Mystique Dining

I will be performing 6 nights a week in the Mystique Dining experience in Boise, Idaho from September 6th to October 31st 2010.

Butlers greet you in front of two ominous chamber doors. When those doors open, you are formally announced to the Manor’s hostess who seats you within the Victorian dining chamber. Your choice of entree is perfectly prepared and elegantly served in courses. After dessert is cleared, a World Class Conjuror appears from the shadows and the magic and mayhem begin. The intimacy of the Chamber allows you to witness miracles of prestidigitation so close and incredible you believe it must be magic, suspending belief, forsaking logic and reality. Expect the Unexpected at Mystique!

Mysique Dining



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