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Paul Draper's Mysteries of the Mind Newsletter

"May your walls know joy, may every room hold laughter, and every window open to great possibility."
- Mary Anne Radmacher

Welcome to November's "Mysteries of the Mind" monthly newsletter!

The winter wonderland holiday’s are the perfect time to enjoy magic!

Two years ago while lecturing at the Magic and Meaning conference in Las Vegas held by Jeff McBride and Eugene Burger, I announced that I had left my day job and was going to become a full time mentalist and entertainer working only for myself. I was going to become the CEO of my own life and chart the path of my own future.

Yes, Fall 2008 at the start of the recession!

It started with a celebration of my Halloween birthday in New York City with 3 of my closest and dearest friends and a performance at Fantasma Magic and my first show Off Broadway at the Bleecker Street Theater.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world."
- Gandhi

It is now two years later and I am having the best quarter of my career. I have been booked solid with 3 - 21 shows a week from August 20th - January 3rd. Christmas week still has some openings.

Because of you, my friends, who read this newsletter, I can say that my childhood dreams have become a reality. I am so very thankful for you.

Thank you for your friendship and kindness. Thank you for your inspiration and advice. Thank you for keeping the magic alive.

I am excited to see what year 3 of my journey will bring. You inspire me on my path and in my heart. Thank you.

Looking back on the last 7 years, I now wish that someone would have told me sooner. Do not fear taking the next step in your life. Now is the moment. You can have anything you dream of if you begin it today. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Action has greatness in it. You are worth it!

Happy Holidays! Be safe. -And please send me pictures of your celebrations!

Your friend,
-Paul Draper

Mental Mysteries
Mental Mystery (agent friendly site)

“Wish for you truth that makes your lips form words that make your heart brim with joy and risk."
- Sean Critchfield: Slam Poet

This holiday season you may enjoy picking up some of my latest projects I have worked on or in at a bookstore near you.


Upcoming Events

Now taking reservations for Christmas. Call 801-541-2976.

Northeastern Junior College
Sterling, Colorado
November 2

Magic For Medical Professionals
Las Vegas, Nevada
November 5

Idaho Rotary
Driggs, Idaho
November 15-16

Public Theater Events
Butte, Montana
November 18-21

Cruise Ship: Holland America
December 3-13

Las Vegas, Nevada
December 15

Charity Event
Billings, Montana
December 18

Hollywood Magic Castle
Hollywood, CA
December 27 - January 2

Utah Theatre Association Conference
St. George, Utah
January 20-22

Charity Event for the Inclusion Center
Salt Lake City, UT
February 19

Medical Conference Keynote Speaker
Orlando, Florida
March 4

On the News in Montana

I spent some time this Thanksgiving with magician, Scott Hitchcock, and his lovely wife, Marissa, raising money for food banks throughout the state of Montana.

Watch this fun clip filled with magic on Montana News from just a few days ago.


Mystique Dining

It was a wonderful experience performing the last two months at the brand new magical dinning experience, Mystique. Enjoy the new commercial that will be playing through the end of the year.

Make sure to visit Mystique, if your travels take you through Idaho.


Montana News

Mysique Dining

For booking information visit www.mentalmysteries.com or call Paul Draper (801) 541-2976 - management@mentalmysteries.com
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