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Paul Draper's Mysteries of the Mind Newsletter

"Home is a name, a word, it is a strong one; stronger than magician ever spoke, or spirit ever answered to, in the strongest conjuration."
-Charles Dickens

Welcome to October's "Mysteries of the Mind" monthly newsletter!

This is my favorite month of all! Haunted houses, fantastic costume parties and streets filled with rich red and golden leaves.

This month will also mark my “Golden Birthday”

October 31st set’s me at a lucky 31 years young!

Time for a celebration!

I am going home!

For the first time in 7 years, I will perform in my hometown of Salt Lake City, Utah in a public venue where friends and family can come to experience my show!

In lieu of gifts, please purchase a ticket or send a quick e-mail to a friend in Utah about the show October 14th, 15th and 16th .

Only 333 Seats available each night, 3 nights only

801.581.7100 or Tickets at Kingtix

At the Marriott Center for Dance
330 S. 1500 East on the University of Utah Campus

Deseret News
In Magazine
Salt Lake Tribune online
City Weekly
Daily Utah Chronicle

Within the next few days there will also be articles about the show in the Salt Lake Tribune, The Signpost, an Interview on 106.5 FM, KUTV News and Comcast on Demand (among others).

What a wonderful homecoming!

October 17th will be a strange night! You can find me at one of the most unusual events that I host each year, Albert’s Tarentella III is an art exhibition deep in the middle of the Ghost Town of Rhyolite in the Nevada Desert! It’s great fun to experience this eclectic art festival of theatre, music and visual art miles from civilization.

Next month… you can read all about my sex life in Glamour magazine and catch up with me in person if you live in Iowa, Malibu, Montana or Las Vegas.

In other news, big news is coming soon about my headlining a variety show on the Las Vegas Strip!

"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one."
-C. S. Lewis

Please stay in touch; I love to hear your updates and I always find in our friendship many commonalities and shared experiences.

Your friend,
-Paul Draper

Mentalmystery (agent friendly site)

"Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen."

Phase 1 rendering of my new set design. Design - Jeanine Nicholas MFA

Upcoming Events

Weber State University: Magic in Ancient Greece:
September 24th

Article in New York Post:
October 1st

Amazed: The Magic of Music
and Comedy:
Las Vegas-Planet Hollywood:

October 8th

McBride Magic & Mystery
School Guest Lecturer:

October 9th

Utah Marriott Center for Dance
Tickets at Kingtix:

October 14th-16th

Nevada Albert's Tarantella III:
October 17th

Western Center on Law and Poverty:
October 21st

Magic & Meaning
October 22nd

Article in Glamor:
November 1st

University of Iowa Union:
November 7th

Montana Theater
November 13th

November 8th – 10th

Las Vegas Santa Run: Opportunity Village:
December 5th

Montana Corporate Gig
December 19th

The Human Camera.

"I can only draw what I see."
-Claude Monet

Stephen Wiltshire has been called the "Human Camera."

Taking a short helicopter flight over a city, he can draw every street, every building and every window in great detail from memory!

Watch this quick excerpt from the film "Beautiful Minds: A Voyage into the Brain." And see his amazing skill in action!

Wiltshire takes a helicopter journey over Rome and then draws a panoramic view of what he saw, entirely from memory.

Snippet from In Magazine article
October 2009:
"Preview: Mentalist Paul Draper"

"A magical moment, a moment of wonder, is where someone opens up their eyes to new ideas in the world,"says Las Vegas magician and mentalist Paul Draper.

"As adults, we start to see pattern recognition rather than seeing everything fresh. We see table, fence, rather than wrought-iron fence, wooden table, looking at the [wood] grains. Magic makes people free to re-examine for a moment and say,'Wait, I don't have a pattern recognition for that.' "

To read the full article on Paul Draper visit: In Magazine

For booking information visit www.mentalmysteries.com or call Call of E-mail (801) 541-2976 / management@mentalmysteries.com
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